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Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2020 

Extended Reality | Scene Design


It is our great honour to work with Horizon Media & Yahoo Hong Kong again for the Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2020! To ensure the event can be held as scheduled in Jan 2021 amid the hit of COVID-19, the whole event was presented in form of extended reality (XR). It’s a meaningful challenge for us to successfully complete the virtual CGI scene design within a tight schedule. We are happy to see the event was running smooth and has delivered an enthralling new media experience to the audience.

Different from making a traditional CGI images, the virtual scene could interact with artists and real world objects in real time. The biggest technical challenge for us is to keep the stableness and the quality of the projected images via the real-time rendering system, as well as the coding for the interactive part.

In this project , we wholeheartedly thank for the support and advices from a renowned media technology production group-ITP production. Their expertise in media tech do give us a big help in success of the event.

Thanks again for Yahoo HK and all of our great partners in the project!

Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2020 online event :

Production References:
Virtual Scene Design:
Yahoo Buzz Award 2020 Opening Video:
Final Video :


Creative Director : Kalun@Stir

Animaion Lead & CG element Design (Sence 2 & 3 ) : Stir

XR Production : ITP Production

Location : ITP Production Studio

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