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Yahoo HK 25 anniversary - "An immersive experience"

VR & AR media production 


We are pleased to be invited by MTWT to contribute in one of the Yahoo HK’s major projects for celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary – Revealing HK’s “Past” with the “Present” and the “Future”. We are honoured to have trust from Yahoo HK (Verizon Media) which allowed us to work on this important and challenging task.

In this project, we have created VR & AR interactive media experience. By activating the function of augmented reality (AR) on the mobile phones, the participants can interact with the animations and bring some important moments in HK history to scenes to life via AR, such as Lee Lai-shan won the first gold medal for HK in the Olympic Games, Rubber Duck visited HK’s Victoria Harbour, and many more. We have involved throughout the process of production, from generating ideas for all elements of VR & AR experiences, designing production pipeline, creating all VR & AR CG elements and animations, arranging 360-degree aerial shoot at Victoria Harbour, to 360 video composition, and so on. 

It was indeed a fruitful experience for us, in which our creativity and capacity at the field of AR & VR have been stimulated and our skillsets have also been extended. We would like to express our gratitude to Verizon Media & MTRT again for having us to participate in this project, and our working team for their endless efforts in making impossible possible.

Victoria Harbour 360 monoscopic video :
Final Video :
Shan Jok Typhoon 360 stereoscopic video :

AR character design :


Producer : Yu@Stir

Creative Agency : MTWT

Director  : Kalun@Stir

Animaion Lead & CG element Design  : Stir

VR Shan Jok Animation  : Wewah 

Audio : Rippling Sound

DOP : Fai

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