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Yahoo Finance for the All Market Summit Asia 2021

Virtual Conference | Extended Reality 


Stir has been extending our capability, the technology of the extended reality is our core items has been developed. This time we are honorable to work with Yahoo Finance for the All Market Summit Asia - a virtual conference transcending regional boundaries.

In this project, an immersive 3D background is simulated on the virtual space to make the interviewer and the interviewees chat with each other at different region, and constituted a spatial presence through real-time CGI rending. To create a “face-to-face” discussion without a geographical boundaries has been expected by Stir , we have conducted an our 1st success on this field.

We are grateful to Yahoo Finance for the confidence and support given to us in this project.


Producer : Yu@Stir

Creative Agency : Sir

Director  : Kalun@Stir

On-Site Production  : Spade Space

Post Production  : Stir

Production Crew  : Wewah 

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