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Yahoo Asia Multiverse Buzz Award 2022

Metaverse | Web3 Production | Design


The 'Yahoo Buzz Award 2022' was one of the most significant events in Hong Kong in 2022. Uniquely, it was hosted in a web3 space, marking it as Hong Kong's first music award ceremony to be held in the metaverse. Stir was honored to be commissioned by Yahoo HK to handle the entire production, which included scene design, visual design, game design, and web3 programming. We were thrilled to undertake this mission, exploring the potential of web3 and believing in its capacity to invigorate future entertainment activities. This event serves as an excellent showcase of the metaverse's interactivity. The practical experience gained through this web3 journey will undoubtedly accelerate our future web3 developments.


Clinet : Yahoo HK

Platform : Decentraland

Visual Designer : Joyce

Interactive Media Design , Idea & Production : Stir

Programming : Stir

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