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SOGO HK | Branding Video about festive celebrations   

Motion Graphic | Design | Animation


Thanks @Easemotion for inviting us to work on this animation branding project for SOGO. In this project, we worked on modelling animation development and sound editing. Joyful and vivid animations were produced for celebrating festivals like Lunar New Year, Father’s Day, Summer Holiday, and so on. Considering Sogo is a Japanese styled department store, we featured various festive elements in Japanese traditional culture with motion graphics. We thank all supporting parties to make this series of adorable animations happen.

#motiongraphic #Animation #VisualDevelopment #Japan #sogo #c4d

Episode 1 :
Episode 2 :
Episode 3 :


Design Agency : Pengguin  HK

Visual Development : Easemotion

Animation & Modeling : Stir , Easemotion

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