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Mannings 50th Anniversary Interactive Game

Interactive Experience | Gaming


In 2021, Stir has been keen to explore the realm of technology on new media and offer an incredible experience to the audience. In celebrating Manning's 50th-anniversary event, Stir obtained an opportunity to create an interactive game for this significant activity.

The Kinect system identifies individual players through figure recognition. With the technology of a depth camera, Kinect can detect a player’s movements through the motion sensor. In the setting of this game, the Iconic "heart of manning's "keeps flying toward the players randomly; they need to

hit these hearts away within the 30s, as much as possible.

We must thank MTWT & Mannings for offering this great opportunity to us and trusting us during the entire development process. Eventually, we received an excellent result. We are looking forward to future collaborations.


Agency : MTWT

Interactive media idea & production   : Stir

Programming : CIMP 

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