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Hang Seng Banking TVC Hazel x Gareth.T

Motion Graphic | CGI | Video Production


This TVC production presented us with a unique challenge, as it departed from the traditional TV commercial format. Our main objective was to flawlessly integrate the revamped Hang Seng Virtual Character "Hazel" into a music video featuring HK singer-songwriter Gerath.T, all within a tight timeframe. To accomplish this, Stir devised a specific approach and method. We conceptualized the idea, collaborated closely with the Director to manage the set design, developed a production pipeline to handle Hazel's assets, and seamlessly adapted them to fit the video. Despite the inherent complexity, we successfully delivered the project while adhering to the given constraints. We would like to extend our gratitude to DBIS for inviting us to be a part of this project and providing us with a new opportunity to explore the realm of virtual characters.

Client:Hang Seng Banking


Creative:Fo@DBIS , Henry@DBIS , Kalun@Stir


Director: Rony Kwok

Offline Editing: Touches 

Online Editing: Kay@Stir

CGI Support : Wewah Production

Unreal Engine: DBIS

CGI Lighting & Rendering: DBIS

Music: Gareth.T

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