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HK Episodes (Re-run) by Fung Lam x Teriver Cheung x Anthony Lai | Video at Multi-arts exhibition   

Creative Idea | Motion Graphic | Production


With music written by two stand-out local musicians Fung Lam and Teriver Cheung, accompanied by architect Anthony Lai’s original video images, “Hong Kong Episodes” is a unique jazz-classical-video cross-over performance featuring the multifaceted cityscapes and ambience of Hong Kong. This production was toured to London in 2015 and re-run in Hong Kong in 2018 under “Jockey Club New Arts Power 2018” organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In the re-run edition, we were engaged to re-edit Anthony Lai’s footages to a motion graphic video. In line with the mood and tone of “Hong Kong Episodes”, we produced a motion graphic video with the theme “we exist as a stream of fragments” (禾.日.水.巷.流). The video was displayed in the multi-arts exhibition “Snap Your Hong Kong Episodes" at H6 CONET in The Center.

Main Video:
Video Snaps:


Client  : HK Episode

Producer : Kiwi

Creative : Stir

Animation : Cami

Videographer  : Anthony Lai

Music  : Fung Lam & Teriver Chueng

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