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Ensemble Transience - stroke at the slightest moment

Animation Short Film | Music Video


It is our great honour to contribute to the branding for the local music project Ensemble Transience in the past two years. One of the branding items is the animated film “Stroke at the Slightest Moment”. It has been challenging for us to carry out a one stop production for this animation film, including creative concept, storyboard, pre-production animatic, camera shooting test, motion capturing and all post production works. We are grateful to have Wewah Production Ltd. to give us profession support in the production process. Also great thanks for the trust and confidence placed in us by the Project Producer Kiwi Chan and the Project Director Teriver Cheung!

The Concept of the Video:

Life is filled with chances of accidental meeting and connection with “someone” or “something”. Some of these encounters, perhaps with a person, a book, a song or merely an idea, may deeply hit your soul and eventually form who you are now. Music by Ensemble Transience may also be one of these unique encounters that will strike you in a flash.

Special technical highlights:

  1. We first used Rokoko Motion Capture System to capture actions of real persons, and then adopted the movements to the characters in the film.

  2. For the objects appeared in this animation film, we first captured the texture from the real materials, and then we used physical render engine to realise high quality image which is close to the real objects in the greatest extent.

Animation snap shot :
Final Video :
Animation Breakdown :


Artist: Ensemble Transience

Music composer : Teriver Cheng

Director : Kalun@Stir

Creative & Idea : Stir

Creative : Kalun@Stir & Yu@Stir

CG Supervisor : Lewis@Wewah

CG Animation: Wewah

Post-production : Stir

Colorist : Yin

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