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Sunrise for All

New Media Artwork | Interactive installation 


Drip Music spearheaded an ambitious project to construct an immersive space for individuals grappling with physical or mental challenges. The goal was to provide them with a momentary respite from their stress through an unexpected experience. This included an interactive installation, music performances, unique spatial design, and sharing sessions.

We partnered with local knot designer, Zoe Siu, to create a fabric installation using new media technologies like projection mapping and tactile sensory devices. The aim was to generate a distinct and unexpected experience for our target audience. Our concept was inspired by the simple pleasure of popping bubble wrap. This activity can help relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety, and stimulate the brain to release feel-good chemicals, such as dopamine. Built on this idea, we crafted a virtual version of bubble wrap composed of basic graphical objects. These objects would explode when participants interacted with the fabric's surface, mimicking the satisfying sensation of popping bubble wrap.


Curator : Drip Music@Teriver Cheng 

Music Director : Teriver Cheng 

Spatial designer and Knot Artist : Zoe Siu

New Media Artist: Kalun

Production Support: Cyrus 

Techincal Support: EKCC

Interactive media setup&design : Kay@Stir , Hedy@Stir

Programming Support : Felix @ CIMP

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