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2021 Countdown Concert in Hong Kong Central Harbour front

Music Concert Visual Design & Production


We are glad to work with producer Chan Lung Wah for the motion graphics design and animation of the 2021 countdown concert held in Hong Kong Central Harbourfront. Invited by production team, we are delighted to take part in the opening sequence , countdown sequence and part of teaser of the project as a visual & animation director. The motif of videos; various abstract planets are the central idea of the concert to represent different groups of singers, those images are created by the characteristics of those singers style particularly. also, an astounding installation of the LED dice screen wall has constructed at the middle of stage, it’s was a challenging task, because of the surface of the dice has installed a number of screen on irregular direction, that needs more consideration on visual employment and audience’s sight. 

Thanks team for great work and thanks again to our client for the confidence given to us.



Director  : Chan Lung Wah

Concept & Visual Design : Kalun@Stir , Jasmine , Sai

Animaion Lead  : Stir

Visual Artist : Jasmine , Sai , Hedy and Kay

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