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Now TV | Baogu Channel ID 

Creative concept | Motion Graphic | Animation 


We are happy to work with @Easemotion again to revamp the motion graphic elements for “Now Baogu Movies Channel” (Now爆谷電影台). It was a challenging mission for us that we have to complete various stages of motion graphic production project in limited time. Our works included character design, scene design, modelling, animation, lighting and final rendering. Big thanks to our professional and unfailing team @easemotion for their help to make every stage of production run efficiently, especially Henry@easemotion for his support in smoothening the production pipeline. And last but not the least, our gratitude goes to our client “Now Channel” for giving us this opportunity and driving us toward perfection.


Client : Now TV

Visual Concept : Easemotion

Character Design : Henry@Easemotion

Design & Animation  : Henry@Easemotion , Kalun@Stir

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