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Anicorn Watches - The Trio Of Time ( New York )

Creative Idea | Motion Graphic 


Hong Kong local watch brand Anicorn is keen to work with various artists around the globe so as to blend different creative ideas and designs with their watches. We were very happy to be invited by Anicorn’s Founder, Jow Kwan, to design and produce the promotional video for Anicorn’s new #TTT (@the_trio_of_time) series, “Redundant Watch by Ji Lee “.

In this #TTT series, icons of clock hands have been used to replace the conventional numbers on the clock face. Other than presenting this unique feature, we also showed in the video that, this watch is not just for fun, but it also accompanies its owner for different styles of occasions – formal, sporty, relaxing & artistic.

#motiongraphic #animation #visualDevelopment #hongkong #watch #Jilee #thetriooftime

Anicorn Watch Video:
3D Rending:
Product Photos:


Client : Anicorn Watches

Creative : Kalun@Stir

Producer : Henry@Easemotion

Design & Animation  : Stir

Music Edit  : Stir

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