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Behind the scenes of " Lion Rock  獅子山上" 

CGI | Digital Compositing | Film Post Production  


We are glad to be invited by Wewah CGI Production House and worked together on this challenging project. “Lion Rock” is a film about mountain climbing. Considering the difficulties of shooting the magnificent mountainous scenes on the spot, our task is to compose virtual scenes using digital compositing. Our production has involved using a lot of chroma keying to visualise the cliffy and tough mountain-climbing scenes. This is indeed a complicated task, but, thanks to our professional and dedicated team, we are happy that we have completed the work smoothly and the quality of this behind-the-scenes video looks as if it is a dramatic movie. Big thanks again to everyone who has supported this production and has helped us make something from impossible to possible.

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Behind the scenes video:
Images 1 :
Images 2 :

Digital composition is one of the most proficient skills by Stir. We use high-end image composition software “The Foundry Nuke” to produce all images in this video. The video is produced based on 32-bit linear workflow, and we also ensure no image data lost during compositing process. We have used a number of techniques to make the images look as visually similar to the real objects and scenarios as possible, including edge blending, light adjustment, colour de-spill, camera mapping, set extension, and many more. On the other hand, we have also used rotoscope to remove the background in some film sequences. We are pleased that eventually we have completed the work perfectly and delivered on schedule.

Images 3 :

Wewah CGI Production House is a professional visual effect production company that is based in Hong Kong. The founder, Lewis Chan, has been working in commercial & film industry over decades. The company is devoted in the production of high-end digital images. They also constantly develop an innovative animation workflow. Their lighting techniques and CG modelling are always cutting edge. Wewah CGI Production House and Stir work on the same linear colour system and composition software. Thus, we can establish an effective partnership to accurately deliver and exchange images for each other’s use.


Film Name : Lionrock 獅子山上

Film Director : Nick Leung

Visual Effect Supervisor : Lewis Chan | Kalun Ho

CGI Lead : Wewah production 

Digital Compositing : Stir

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